Life Coach DM

Conquering Stress, Anxiety & Depression Naturally

Who Is Life Coach DM?

Life Coach DM is actually a balanced, strong, confident, inspirational guide and teacher named Dawn-Marie P. Dalsass.  
She is a divorced, mother of 2 boys, who happens to also be a 
Certified Fraud Examiner and 
Certified Internal Controls Auditor


The mission of Life Coach DM is to provide products and services to help individuals conquer stress, anxiety and depression naturally.


Life Coach DM's purpose is to guide and inspire individuals to become balanced, aware and dynamic in their life's endeavors.


Life Coach DM's vision is to create a global community brought together through personal coaching, online programs, webinars, seminars, conferences, guided forest therapy walks and personal development retreats with an emphasis on balance: body, mind and spirit; with a Universal connection to each other and all sentient beings.