Life Coach DM

Conquering Stress, Anxiety & Depression Naturally

Who Is Life Coach DM?

Life Coach DM is actually a balanced, strong, confident, inspirational guide and teacher named Dawn-Marie P. Dalsass.  
She is a divorced, mother of 2 boys, who has worked in Corporate America for decades and happens to also be a 
Certified Fraud Examiner and 
Certified Internal Controls Auditor


Dawn-Marie's mission is to provide products and services to corporations and their employees to help individuals conquer stress, anxiety and depression naturally.


Dawn-Marie's purpose is to guide and inspire individuals to become balanced, aware and dynamic in their life's endeavors. Helping all to achieve livelihood and spirit balance. A deeper level of work life balance. Where what one does to live is balanced with who they are at the core.


Dawn-Marie's vision is to create a global community brought together through corporate and personal coaching, online programs, webinars, seminars, conferences, guided forest therapy walks and personal development retreats with an emphasis on livelihood spirit balance; with a Universal connection to each other and all sentient beings.