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Life Coach DM Makes A Difference

Wendy Graduated from the Massive Mindset Shift 12 week intensive in April 2019 and is one very balanced individual now!!   

Melanie B completed the Massive Mindset Shift Intensive in August 2018 which helped her get her PTSD under control as well as increased her confidence, self-esteem and self-worth!

Over a year after Melanie completed she has continued with her success:

Georgia P completed the Massive Mindset Shift Intensive in March of 2018 which helped her to stop smoking, lose weight, boost her Self-Confidence and find a FABULOUS sense of Self-Worth!!

"What else can I say about working with Dawn-Marie, but Ah-Freaking-Mazing!!!!! She's unbelievably kind, considerate, and her 'Small Changes, Big Impact' series and "Massive Mindset Shift" program truly changed my life. By offering her compassionate but straight forward perspective in everything she does, she grounds you in her wonderfully earthy experience and offers practical steps that ANYONE can follow. I truly cannot sing her praises enough, making life changing transformation accessible to anyone and everyone who's ready to love their life again!! That level of accessibility in today's world?? Priceless!!!" - Daniella L 
“When I was going through my divorce, I never felt more alone in my life. Dawn is patient when it comes to hearing you out and is able to help you formulate a plan, no matter what direction you are headed in. Dawn helped me see my self-worth. Gave me vision for my future. She inspired me to look at myself and grow from my experience. A few years later and I am now married to the love of my life. I also have a stepson who I love dearly, along with my two boys we are a family of 5 and I am richer in life than I have ever been. There is always work to do on oneself. Always room for improvement. With Dawn in my corner I know I will continue to grow.” – Ray A

“Dawn-Marie lives by her own truth and enjoys helping others find theirs. She is a great listener, thinks creatively and delivers results. She’s honest, trustworthy and reliable and takes pride in her name and her work. She has a way of asking thought-provoking questions to help one find his or her own answers.  Dawn-Marie helped bring clarity in my reluctance to make a difficult decision to leave a long term relationship, my habit of downplaying success to not make others feel intimidated, and my lack of work-life balance. I now fearlessly live my truth, have more self-confidence and enjoy spending more time outdoors meditating and focusing on me.” – Jackie C

“One problem I had before talking to Dawn Marie was not knowing any single moms in our neighborhood, and constantly feeling judged. Dawn-Marie is passionate, compassionate and understanding. I feel like no matter what she is always there for me. She has inspired me to not sweat the small stuff and live in the moment. She helped me realize that it was ok to not be like everyone else. It’s ok to be different. I am enjoying just being me and not having to impress anyone else.” - Desiree L

“Dawn-Marie is a very compassionate person... she will help inspire u to do better with her words of encouragement. I admire Dawn-Marie for her commitment as she is always there when u need her. My life is better since our paths first crossed. She never makes anything you say sound stupid and always encourages your decision. She has the ability to make you see in yourself your total potential. Dawn-Marie is a beautiful person inside and out and if there is anyone I would like to be like… it's her!” – Mark T

 “I truly admire Dawn-Marie’s confidence, knowledge and supportive nature.” – Carolyn K

“I totally admire Dawn-Marie’s “take-charge” personality. Dawn-Marie is no nonsense, something I truly appreciate. She motivates and can provide visionary assistance. I feel she helps each person to stop sweating the small stuff and to really enjoy what’s important in life. She is passionate and dedicated in helping each and every person meet their goals” - Pat M

“Dawn-Marie is knowledgeable, determined and always has a positive attitude.” - Jessica G

“Dawn-Marie is a caring person who is non-judgmental that you can feel comfortable confiding in. She has strength and compassion and is full of positivity. She is determined and always there to help find a solution.” - Amy W

‘’I admire Dawn-Marie’s honesty, optimism and inner strength. She has shown me that I can still smile and laugh through the hard times.” - Patricia K