Dawn-Marie Dalsass

Stress and Anxiety Expert
for Middle Managers
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"Are you willing and ready to let your B.A.D Ass-self shine through?"

There is a B.A.D Ass inside of every one of us. A truly Balanced, Aware and Dynamic successful individual. Are you willing and ready to let your B.A.D Ass-self shine through?

There are about 23 million people in the United States in mid-level management positions of which nearly 20 percent of those have reported symptoms of depression. Middle Managers have a whole host of issues that they have to deal with on a regular basis that can cause them to feel Stressed, Anxious and/or Depressed (S.A.D). Work Life Balance is just one of the issues S.A.D Ass middle managers face.

  • Has anyone ever told you that you were a workaholic and you don't spend enough time with your family?
  • Ever experience the stress of trying to please those in senior management positions and/or having anxiety over how to handle a subordinate?
  • Ever have to deal with all of the above while your kids, significant other, spouse or friends required your attention?
  • Ever feel like you're constantly putting everyone else's needs before yours?
  • How about just feeling like you don’t have time to yourself or that you have too much on your plate? Too many commitments professionally and personally.

You’re not alone!

When you commit to your self-development and working with Dawn-Marie at Livelihood Spirit Balance, you can annihilate all that is holding you back from being the successful balanced human you strive to be.

By embracing and honoring your whole self, your authentic self, the fucked up beautiful awesome you, you’re going to uncover the real you. The confident, motivated, successful, fabulous you, who is full of self-worth deserving of all you desire and require at home and in the office.

By finding your connection to nature, tapping into over a dozen senses (yes, there are more than 5) you can benefit both physically and emotionally. With continued practice, you could reduce stress, lower cortisol levels, reduce blood pressure, improve your heart rate variability and increase your NK (natural killer) white blood cell count boosting your immune system. You can also improve your sleep, focus, productivity and creativity.

Balancing your mind and emotions, honoring your authentic self and developing a connection to nature, can in turn help you heal and conquer the stress, anxiety and depression faced by middle mangers like yourself!

It’s time to go beyond Work Life Balance and discover your Livelihood Spirit Balance where how you live your life is in alignment with your authentic self!

When you have Livelihood Spirit Balance; peace, joy, contentment and greater success in all areas of life can be yours!

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